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I was eagerly looking for a trustworthy online dress shop where I can purchase my salwar materials. Now thankfully Amyraonline has started and I have purchased salwar materials from Amyraonline and I received these items in good condition and the quality of the product is beyond my expectation more over value for money thank you AMYRAONLINE. Being the first customer of amyraonline I wish you good luck.
I have purchased my dress material from amyra online even though the official sale has not started. I was quite happy about the material quality and price. I feel that this online site has a wide variety of materials and designs even though it's in the starting stage. Very trusting site for ladies material purchase.
Amyra Online is the first place where I look for Salwar materials, the quality of the materials are is superb,classy they have a very good collection also. the delivery was fast and I got the product in nice packaging. will suggest Amyra for anyone looking to buy some very good salwar materials

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